We benefit from 
light structure of
boutique agency.

Personal relationships, multidisciplinarity and commitment to sustainable marketing are our driving forces for successful project implementation.

In order to cause greater turbulence with a swing of our wings, we like to fly in larger formations. With participants sharing our business perspective. Our wide network of external partners allows us to achieve everything.


It is not enough to just think about sustainability. It needs to be practiced! We, too, are only getting strated, but we are trying to make it count on a daily basis. We are open for additional suggestions 24/7.

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Our bike shed is full – without a bike we simply can’t drive sustainability forward!

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When it comes to saving electricity and heat, the creative department comes in very handy. You can’t imagine all the ideas we come up with.

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We like group transport, even with our external partners – we just have a good time together.

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We don’t print business cards. We have stamps – we can “stamp” our info anywhere

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We run a refill style – even in the field, everyone uses their own bottle of water with their name on it

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We disapprove of coffee capsules and adore coffee without additives. We are currently looking for the most efficient solution for “upcycling” coffee grounds

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We support local gastronomy!

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Attitude towards people we work with is very important to us. Respect for all business partners and associates is crucial

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We design campaigns for non-profit and charitable societies where we are rewarded with a good feeling of doing something useful.

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We are constantly looking for new inspirations for sustainable practice. And we are always open to suggestions. Contact us!


We are a multicore processor, that performs operations mutually

Meta Pavlin Avdić

strategic director

Matevž Goličič

production manager

Matija Ošlak

creative director

Sanja Radaković

art director

Tina Kadunc

communication strategist

Niko Matko